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Welcome to Tullipan Homes company profile page, within the contents of this page we cover a broad overview of products and services offered by our establishment. We attempt to answer the most common questions asked by any person looking at building a new Tullipan Home.

Mark Tullipan (Contracts Manager)

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Company History - established 1968

Tullipan Homes was founded by David Tullipan (Managing Director). David has been operating as a building contractor since 1968. Tullipan Homes Pty Ltd has been operating on the Central Coast since 1992 and has grown on an annual basis building their reputation on providing Quality housing at an Affordable price.

Building Zone

Our general building zone encompasses our local Gosford and Wyong shires along with Newcastle to our North & Sydney to our South. There are selected areas of Sydney which are outside of our Building zone. Our general rule in regard to the boundaries of our building zone is based on a maximum 1.5 hours travel time, from our home base at Tuggerah Business park on the Central Coast of NSW


The current structure of Tullipan Homes Staff:

  • David Tullipan: Managing Director
  • Mary Tullipan: Director
  • Mark Tullipan: Designer/ Contracts Manager / Tenders / Sales
  • Rodney Tullipan: Construction Manager / Sales
  • Daniel Tullipan: Construction Manager / Quality Control
  • Malissa Tullipan: Accounts
  • Barry Kelly: Contract Draftsman / Designer
  • Toby Schietel: Estimator / Cad Draftsman
  • Tom McNally: Assistant Manager
  • David Caruana: Estimator
  • Jamie Fry: Sales Consultant
  • Matthew Juhasz: Project Supervisor (Sydney region)
  • Amy Oosterhoff: Administration / After Sales Selections
  • Melissa Andrews: Construction Administration
  • Abbey Newham: Receptionist
  • Jacob Tullipan : 4th year apprentice carpenter
  • Adam Tullipan : 3rd year apprentice carpenter.
  • Mathew Tullipan : 3rd year apprentice carpenter.
  • Jordan Tullipan : 1st year apprentice carpenter.

Our Capacity

Tullipan homes is owned & operated by David Tullipan , servicing those clientele requiring a quality project home builder or custom home builder which focuses on building quality custom home designs based on project home rates. Tullipan homes is large enough on the Central Coast to obtain a buying strength essential to compete in today's competitive market place, and small enough to provide the much needed personalised service essential for the efficient construction of your lifetime investment. Tullipan homes have the professional capacity to construct the full spectrum of today's modern home designs through to design and construction or large scale residential development projects - single storey, double storey, split level designs and custom home designs. Regardless of the size of your project, from day one your decision to build with Tullipan Homes will be given the utmost importance.

Quality Control

The development of your new Tullipan Home begins with the preparation of a detailed set of construction plans. These plans are then subjected to a complex matrix check sheet applying design principals and construction specifications, which have evolved with over 35 years of trading. A unique approach by Tullipan Homes is that we strive to retain our regular sub-contract trades and suppliers, each of which have been hand picked by David Tullipan ensuring the consistent workmanship and quality for which we are renowned.

Commitment to Quality

All Tenders prepared by Tullipan Homes include a segment "Why Build with Tullipan". This section of our Tender details the construction techniques applied to every new Tullipan Home. We are more than aware of the importance in staying cost competitive. We stand strong on quality and will not take part in the game of cutting corners when it comes to the structural specification of your family investment. Tried and proven construction techniques such as: 70 x 45 solid internal wall studs, concealed stackwork, compressed Fibro bathroom floors, 75mm skirting etc., form only part of our detailed list of construction principals which will always remain our focus, regardless of current industry standards.

Brochure Designs

Tullipan Homes range of brochure designs comprise over 50 carefully thought out floor plans ranging from our single storey 20 square Fitzroy Design to our 50 square tri-level Bundeena Mk II, with an extensive range of split level home designs. What separates our range of designs from other project home builders is that each Tullipan home design has been developed with a specific purpose in mind.

The geology of the Central Coast is such that over the years we have developed standard designs which accommodate a variety of sloping site conditions - view sharing and height restrictions, cut and fill restrictions, challenging vehicle access and driveway gradients have all played their part in the creation of our designs. What this means to our clients is that they need not feel isolated by the all too common statement "Your land is not suited and doesn't accommodate our standard range of designs". Home buyers often are made to feel that they've purchased a lemon, when the reality is often that the builders full range of designs have not been designed for anything other than a near level building site.

When it comes to your selection of one of our designs, the basis of your selection should be your desired floor plan layout, not the illustrated facade. The logic behind this is that various facade options can be applied to any design without complications. Often, two homes that may look completely separate can share the identical floor plan layout. Should your desire be: Tuscan, Americana, Contemporary, Federation or Custom home facades, we have the ability to satisfy your needs. Options like raking and/or high ceilings, upstairs living areas and cavity brick construction etc can be applied to any of our standard designs.

Click to visit our brochure design section.

Price List

To Download a current Tullipan Homes Price List & Detailed List of Inclusions. Simply follow our on screen instructions, after clicking the Price List Button included on our Left Navbar. PriceList.pdf is a large PDF File and may take several minutes for your system to Download. Should you have any client specific questions or would like a phone call from one of our sales staff. Please visit our Contact Us page, you will receive a reply at our earliest convenience.

Categorise your Land

Tullipan Homes have developed a routine approach to ensure you're pointed immediately in the right direction. We have categorised the search criteria to our range of designs, narrowing down your selection to designs tailored to suit your needs. Searching in your specific category is a great starting point, however you are not limited to the homes within that category. For example, any of our standard range of single or double storey home designs can adopt bearers and joist construction in order to accommodate all types of sloping site conditions. We are happy to carry out a site inspection on your land to determine the category of home designs suited for your site conditions.

Design and Tender Service

Although our range of standard homes covers an extremely broad range, Tullipan Homes understands that there will always be an individual case where the standard home just does not suit. This may be due to site characteristics or the owners' own individual custom requirements as to layout and aesthetic appeal.

Tullipan Homes acknowledges this very important aspect of the new home buyers market and have the ability and the know-how to tackle the careful process of creating a custom design to suit all of your requirements with ease. With the in-house ability of Mark Tullipan, Estimator / Draftsman, we are able to provide a combined knowledge of both Architectural skills and a vast knowledge of on-site experience and practical construction techniques to create a custom layout which is both smart in design and aesthetic appeal and above all, tailored to suit your land. This service is offered free to anyone who builds a Tullipan Home (Note: our up-front design and tender fee is fully refundable upon entering into a building contract with Tullipan Homes). Tullipan Homes will also tender on your own plans and specifications.

The advantage of Tullipan Homes tendering on (your own plans) is that our tendering process involves a thorough quantity take off, breaking down your design into a detailed bill of quantities to which we apply our current scale of trade and material rates. All costing is calculated in-house, enabling us to keep a harness on all rates, keeping our costing consistent. This method of costing is quite separate to that applied by the majority of small builders who generally rely on their sub contractors and suppliers to cost the bulk of your new home design.

With the assistance of Build Tech design and Development at Tuggerah and David Kettle Town Planning, we have direct access to a highly skilled team of Consultants ; Architects, Designers, Town Planners, Surveyors, Structural & Drainage Engineers, Geotechnical Surveyors etc. With these services at hand we have the ability to tackle almost any development project from the initial concept design through to final drawings tailored to comply with Local Council and Local Authorities Development conditions.

Some of the developments we have been associated with include: land development and creation of residential sub divisions, Dual Occupancy, Villas and Town Houses, as well as design and construction of architectural style executive residences tailored to our clients needs.

Our detailed schedule of fees relating to our design and tendering service may be emailed to you upon request. Simply request this through our Contact Us option.

Surveying and Professional Services

Whether it be: a simple site contour survey, a site classification, or should you be faced with other specific challenges such as:

  • Flood restrictions
  • Excessive ground water
  • Poor foundation quality
  • High salidity in your soil
  • Excessive fill
  • Zone restrictions
  • Sewer location difficulties
  • Stormwater retention requirements etc,
Tullipan Homes can out source professional services and compile the required documentation and reports, which are necessary to achieve authority approval. Tullipan Homes also has direct access to town planning services. By engaging these services we are able to tackle the more challenging council applications, giving good planning argument and making the necessary adjustments to warrant councils approval of your application.

Schedule of Finishes / Design changes

The selection of Quality inclusions for the fit out of your home is unrestrained. Tullipan Homes has the ability to source any building product available in today's market and can tailor your design to accommodate the latest of building products and services.

Tullipan Homes Offer access to qualified suppliers of: kitchen cupboards, PC items, white goods, ceramic tiles and the like. Our suppliers are hand picked by David Tullipan for their level of service and quality.

Access to these suppliers enables our clients to customise their inclusions. The sales staff will guide you through your selections and are trained to accommodate the specific requirements of each individual client, catering for your own personal flare and budget.

Photo Gallery

Photos of recently built homes are displayed in the Photo Gallery section of our Website. These images are constantly being updated to keep you in touch with the latest construction trends.

Land Brochure

The land brochure page keeps our visitors up-to-date with the local Real Estate Agents as to available land and housing estates on the Central Coast of NSW. You can visit this section by clicking here or using our main menu bar on the top left hand side of each page.

Supplier Links / Link to Related Websites

For some interesting supplier links, for instance: bricks, roof tiles, doors and windows, garage doors, insulation, kitchens and tiles feel free to make use of the Link to Related Websites option by clicking here or going to our main menu bar on the top left hand side of each page.

Fixed Price Tenders

On requesting a fixed price Tender from our company, you will firstly be asked whether you hold a Site Contour Survey for your land. A Site Contour Survey is a map of the levels over your property. This survey is essential for the accurate costing and design of your new home. If you do not already possess this survey, we are able to arrange a survey on your behalf and we have a fee structure in place for this service. Should your land be in an old existing sub division, with doubt as to the site classification, we may also require a Geo Technical survey. This reports on core samples of soil taken from your site and details the method of construction required to accommodate the applied site classification. This survey can also be arranged in a similar manner to the above. Once we have the required documents we are able to put together a detailed Tender, tailored to your required specifications.

The contract document used by Tullipan homes is the HIA (fixed price) NSW New Homes Contract agreement. Fixed price relates to the fact that there is no rise and fall clause included in the contract conditions.

Tender Acceptance

Once you acknowledge acceptance of our Tender, an initial deposit is paid enabling us to prepare all required contract documents. Contract documents include: final working drawings, Council approval, engineer structural details, home warranty insurance, energy rating assessment, etc. A building contract may be entered into as soon as these documents become available. Evidence as to the source of funds will also need to be confirmed at this time.


Share the thoughts of our satisfied clients. In this section of our site our clients share their experience of building a Tullipan Home. In addition to this service (with our clients consent), we are happy to provide access to clients with homes currently under construction, enabling you to discuss our level of service and customer satisfaction.

Tullipan Homes Pty Ltd are a team of highly respected Building Contractors, new home builders, specialising in the design and construction of custom homes and split level home designs for sloping sites on the Central Coast of NSW. We have a range of house floor plans, with competitive single story and double story project home designs on offer. We are well known for our designer homes and custom home designs with access to well respected Architectural Draftsman, planners and the like.

Licence Details / HIA Membership

Licences: Tullipan Homes 131446C - David Tullipan 24989 Mark Tullipan 42112C Hia membership no. 380927 ABN no. 56 001 299 672