Although our range of standard homes is extremely broad, we understand that there will always be an individual case where the standard home does not perfectly suit the needs of our clients. This may be due to site characteristics or the owner's individual custom requirements such as layout or aesthetic appeal.

Our standard home designs come with built-in flexibility. Our designs can be reconfigured in line with your needs and tastes – such as adding rooms, flipping the orientation of the design to suit the block, or applying a totally different façade to front of the home.

At Tullipan Homes, we have the experience and skill to address all your individual requirements with ease. Our in-house Estimator/Draftsman Mark Tullipan combines a vast knowledge of architectural skills, extensive on-site experience and practical construction techniques. The custom layout created will be one that is smart in both design and aesthetic appeal and above all, is tailored to your land.

This service is offered free to anyone who builds with Tullipan Homes with our upfront design and tender fee fully refundable upon entering into a building contract with Tullipan Homes.

Tullipan Homes will also tender on your own plans and specifications. The advantage of having us tender on your own plans is that our tendering process involves a thorough quantity take off, breaking down your design into a detailed bill of quantities to which we apply our current scale of trade and material rates. All costings are calculated in-house, enabling us to harness all rates and keep our costings consistent. This method of costing differs from most small builders who are generally reliant on their subcontractors and suppliers to cost the bulk of your new home design.

Our detailed schedule of fees relating to our design and tendering service may be emailed to you upon request.