Fixed Price Tenders

Our aim at Tullipan Homes is to ensure the design and building process is as simple and transparent as possible for our clients.

Upon requesting a Fixed Price Tender from our company, you will first be asked whether you hold a Site Contour Survey for your land. This is a map of the levels over your property and is essential for ensuring the accurate costing and design of your new home.

If you don't already have a Site Contour Survey, we will be able to arrange to obtain a survey on your behalf and have a fee structure in place for this service.

Should your land be in an old, existing sub-division, where there is doubt as to the site classification, we may also require a Geo Technical Survey. This reports on core samples of soil taken from the site and details the method of construction required to accommodate the applied site classification. This survey can also be arranged on your behalf in accordance with a scheduled fee.

Once we have the required documents, we will be able to put together a detailed Tender, tailored to your required specifications. 

The contract document used by Tullipan Homes is the HIA (fixed price) NSW New Homes Contract Agreement. Fixed price relates to the fact that there is no rise or fall clauses included in the contract conditions.


Tender Acceptance


Once you acknowledge acceptance of our Tender, an initial deposit is paid enabling us to prepare all required contract documents. Contract documents include:

  • Final working drawings
  • Council approval
  • Engineer structural details
  • Home warranty insurance
  • Energy rating assessment
  • And more if required.

A building contract may be entered into as soon as these documents become available. Evidence as to source of funds will also need to be confirmed at this time.